Aspen made its way into my heart in 1975, when I took a hiatus from college and travelled to Aspen for the ski season. The journey was memorable, as I hitched a ride with a couple of brothers who were driving to California. They said, “no problem, we can drop you off in Aspen on the way.” 

Driving over Vail Pass at night, in a snow storm with no snow tires in a beat up old station wagon was indeed memorable.  The plan was to work at night and ski during the day. When the season was over, I would return to Massachusetts, finish college and work in the family business. That’s exactly what I did.

Aspen kept beckoning me to return and over the years.  I would continually come back, usually in the month of March for ski vacations until moving here permanently in 1996. That was the year I purchased Montecito, a small, very young home furnishing business. Over the years, Montecito became a mainstay in the community, and I eventually relocated to the Willits Town Center in Basalt, where the brand evolved to a modern aesthetic and I renamed the store Montecito Loft & Home.

After 18 years of doing business in the Valley, I decided to close shop and obtain my real estate license. The transition to real estate was an easy one for me, not only because of my familiarity with the every neighborhood, but also because of the experience and knowledge gained by having built two houses of my own.